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What You Need to Know

This academy is designed to supplement your efforts in doing deals. It’s not designed to be a course. Content will be updated, added, modified on a consistent basis. What we don’t want is people spending hours digesting content from the academy and not taking action. The first 6 courses of the academy are organized exactly the way Vincent would consult you on how to pursue deals.

The introduction and Quick Start courses are where you begin. Every course in the academy is not able to be accessed until you finish those two courses because the goal is to get you to take action as quick as possible. The Quick Start Course consists of a webinar to learn more about Retail Contract Assignments/Sandwiches on owner financed acquired properties. We understand there will be a broad range of skill sets and experience of Academy Members and JVPs. However, this is a strategy that pays the fastest so you can earn your money back you paid for this system ASAP.

We want people to move at the speed of instruction and before getting setup in the system, we want you to know which lead generation strategy you will pursue and write down your how to eat an elephant plan which are both in the Quick Start course. By getting laser focused on those two first, it will enable you to have faster and more consistent success in your Real Estate Business and while you navigate around the rest of the academy.

Updated on June 28, 2017