1. FAQ


  • How do I add a seller in Podio:
  • How to I add a buyer in Podio:
  • How do I get Vincent on the phone?
  • How do I submit a Support Ticket?
  • Why do we structure interest only payments to buyers when doing a contract for deed?
    • Interest only loans are the first loans/mortgages ever created and still the best.They have the lowest payment sans neg am.They recast monthly based on the unpaid principal balance helping realize lowered forced payments monthly when principal payments are made.They maximize the mortgage interest tax deduction that equates to real spendable cash monthly for a W2 employee that they can spend at Publix/Safeway/Kroger/Ralph’s etc.The payments are 100% tax deductible until and unless someone goes above combined lien amounts of $1.2MM on a primary and secondary residence(s).
  • How will the buyer know what to deduct on their taxes?
    • The buyer will deduct 100% of their payment under this structure because their payments are structured as interest only and property taxes. So, if they’re paying $2500/mo, they’ll deduct $30k from their gross on their 1040 under line 11 on their schedule A.
  • How do I know if a buyer/seller/broker has already been contacted?
    • If you see a buyer/seller/broker already posted in Podio, you can assume that person has already been contacted by another JVP. The goal is not to assume they haven’t been called and we have multiple JVPs calling the same person which looks unprofessional.
  • How do I log in to the academy?
    • You should of received a registration email with a temp password to log into the academy. Check your spam folder if necessary. Your login is the email address you used when you paid for the academy.
  • I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?
    • When attempting to log in, there will be an option for forgot password. Click that link and enter in your username/email you used to registered for the academy and follow the instructions. If that doesn’t work, you can submit a support ticket.
  • How do I put my vreia.org email on my phone?
    • If you have an android phone, it’s the same way you add an gmail address. The only difference is it’s going to ask you to active device administrator because Vreia.org controls that email. Accept it and you will be able to use the email. There is nothing that will happen to your phone. For apple users, follow the process on adding a gmail account.
  • How do I get access to my vreia.org email?’
  • How to I access the Private FB group?
    • The Private FB group is a secret group to prevent non members from sending requests to join. To access the group, send Wyatt Borden a friend request on FB by clicking this link. Once Wyatt accepts your friend request, he will add you to the group.


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